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Treat is a mobile application that connects customer to local dispensaries. We offer you:



More orders

Our universal platform brings more customers through your door; consumers purchase double the amount online on average than in store.



Keep your Margins

We don’t believe the fees that services charge are fair or sustainable. You can get new customers on Treat without crushing your profits.


You're in Control

We provide data driven analysis that goes beyond traditional POS statistics, providing essential insights into customer experience and retention.


Go Beyond Your POS



Increase Brand Exposure

Promote your deals and specials through our feature page, enhanced by push notification mobilization.



Marketing Platform


We provide your business with diversified legally compliant marketing strategies.



Customized Data Analytics

Superior data insights for customer experience, acquisition, retention, and churn rates.


Superior Analytics



Customer Engagement

Utilize user demographics and create product recommendations through client experience data to optimize and refine customer relationship experience.



Interactive Dashboard

Increase sales for partially utilized demographics through frequency analysis and parsing reviews.


Aggregating Best Practices

Receive aggregated analysis on best practices across the industry to provide a holistic understanding of user needs to increase profitability.

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